3ARMS concept is focused on reengineering the availability of health care and education services mainly destined for the disadvantage, remote and poor communities, by deploying the emerging wireless communication solutions into the service delivery systems, processes and practises.




Veterinary Animal Health Care and Education

*        Monitoring animal traceability, health, disease out-breaks, production, productivity and trade,

*        Onsite training, coaching and supervising of veterinary students, controllers and farmers,

*        Data collection, medical and business analysis and performance business benchmarking,

*        Timely broadcasting of information alerts, best practises and advice to farmers,

*        Collecting stakeholder feedback to review improvement and R&D programs,

*        Managing and communicating performance!,

*        3ARMS cost-benefit analysis and strategy review.


Personal Medical & Health Care

*          Very realistic interactive solutions between Patients and Physicians, especially on long term sickness programs like Diabetes, Asthma, etc. For example the PPIC Concept.

*          Online contact with personal medical Physician/Clinician/Specialist,

*          Specialists data base and selection options,

*          Agenda (meetings) Management Patient-Physician,

*          Timely data collection, performance/improvement pre-analysis,

*          Online proactive and preventive timely advise,

*          Performance benchmarking and timely best practices transfer,

*          Simple and convenient communication process,

*          3ARMS cost-benefit analysis and strategy review,

*          Managing and communicating performance.

Access to Education Material and Advise

*        On daily basis, technology advancements can and will continue to impact on education advancements, especially within the dis-advantaged societies/communities in ctreating opportunities for the little ones: We deploy,

*        Simple, Accessible and Useful online cirriculum portals, For example the ATM Library concept,

*        Customized to support the students and teachers to get material required for homework/lesson preps within less than 10 min in just a few steps like:

  Login the portal

  Select subject

  Select text book

  Select the pages needed as instructed by the teacher

  Print the pages, or save them on disk or send them to your email box

  Log out of the portal

*        3ARMS cost-benefit analysis and stratey review,

*        Managing and communication performance.